FBI and Hamas? Friends or foes?

Andrew Breitbart & Frank Gaffney on the FBI allowing a HAMAS terrorist into its inner workings, and a healthy discussion on Sharia and its ultimate meaning for our country (podcast) . . .


Why is [the] FBI Helping Hamas?
by John Davidson
“Americans, YOU are the government. You must hold those charged with protecting you accountable for doing so.”**********************************************************************************

And the original articles on this:

Patrick Poole’s Article on FBI’s Denial from 9/30 PM

Patrick Poole’s Article – Comprehensive Look at Mustapha and the FBI’s Failure

Washington Times Article

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2 Responses to FBI and Hamas? Friends or foes?

  1. Ashley says:

    This is a serious and dangerous development. The million dollar question is how can the FBI really justify this action? First they deny then they actually say what they were trying to accomplish was for the benefit of American-Islamic relations? It is becoming a dangerous world when organizations who are there to protect us like the FBI are helping our enemies.

  2. Jon says:

    Great job on the blog! I had not seen the video above.

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