VIDEO: (7minutes): "We need to behead democracy from its roots . . .

. . . everyday we should attack their systems and replace it with Islam.”

From Memri TV. Take heed. This is how open and honest the Muslim leaders are in England. The Believers didn’t assimilate in Britain, they multiplied themselves until they are a major force in the country, and now these parasites are making their open moves to destroy their host country.

We are seeing many more monster mosques rising around our country, in our cities, in our counties. Why? To form monster Islamic settlements, designed to be separate entities from America. And what will the attendees to these mosques hear? The same thoughts and words that come from this guy. The results will give new meaning to “homegrown jihad.”

Right now even Obamacare sounds better than what we’d be looking at from a future of servitude under Islamic rule. We need to bring this info into everyday conversation, just like we do Obamacare, the stimulus, abortion, border control (especially!), controlling spending . . . We can do it, and we must.

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