Gov Christie Nominates Muslim Justice

I don’t know why I continue to be shocked by this kind of thing, but I do. A Muslim cannot swear allegiance to the Constitution and remain Muslim. His loyalty is to Allah and Allah’s laws: Sharia. I don’t understand why a man as intelligent as Christie (and so many other elected officials) can be so stupid when it comes to that simple fact. It is Christie’s (and all other elected officials) DUTY to know that simple fact. It’s not that hard to come across that fact in Christie’s line of work. And just think: New Jersyites will have TWO Allah-loyal justices on his Superior Court if he appoints Sohail Mohammed.

[Bracketed notes are mine — Dorrie]


Lawyer for Post-9/11 Detainees Tapped for N.J. bench
TRENTON (AP) — Gov. Chris Christie, the former federal prosecutor who oversaw several terrorism-related cases after the Sept. 11 attacks, said Thursday that one of his nominations for a Superior Court judgeship will be a lawyer who represented many detainees swept up by the government in the post-9/11 dragnet.

Sohail Mohammed of Clifton won the respect of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies [which doesn’t take much these days, and has resulted in Rep Peter King having to investigate the whole lot of ’em] stemming from his work in the aftermath of the terror attacks, trying to build bridges [nothing could be a bigger alert than that phrase that this guy is Muslim Brotherhood: Seyyid Qutb clearly writes in Milestones that the only bridge that needs to be built between Muslims and non-Muslims is for non-Muslims to get to Islam, NOT the other way around] between law enforcement and the Muslim community.

Christie announced his intention to nominate Mohammed, along with six other potential judges, Thursday evening.

Mohammed declined to comment when reached at his home. But Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Washington, D.C., praised Christie’s move.

“It’s just more evidence of the growth and maturity of the American Muslim community and our contributions to American society,” he said. “We have a large number of young Muslim attorneys coming up [gee, I wonder why? Couldn’t be that they know the best way to destroy our Constitution/country is thru the law, could it?] through the legal system, which is a fairly recent trend. It used to be that Muslim parents wanted their children to become doctors or engineers.”

Christie, a Republican entering his second year in office, still must formally nominate Mohammed, whose candidacy would then be reviewed by the Senate Judiciary Committee before a vote by the full Senate.

Mohammed was on former Gov. Jon Corzine’s short list of potential judicial appointees in the last two years of the Democrat’s lone term in office, but he was not nominated. He would serve on the court in Passaic County.

A board member of the American Muslim Union, Mohammed worked hard in the aftermath of the 2001 attacks to try to foster trust [of course; the MB saw 40 years of underhanded-propaganda work in the US on the edge of going to waste thanks to OBL] between American Muslims and law enforcement, particularly federal officials. As U.S. attorney for New Jersey, Christie was a regular guest at the group’s annual Ramadan dinner and spoke highly of Mohammed’s interaction with authorities. [So NJ has been going the way of Michigan for some time now, huh? I didn’t know.]

Mohammed helped arrange a law enforcement job fair [of course! How better to know how to compromise law enforecement than be a part of it?] at a Paterson mosque in which young Muslims were encouraged to apply for jobs with law enforcement agencies. The session also featured a frank question-and-answer session between police and prosecutors and mosque members, after which both sides said they came away with a better understanding of the other. [No, only the Muslims came away with a better understanding of how to work the system.]

He was also asked to give numerous training sessions to FBI agents on Islam and Muslim culture, to enable agents to better understand the religion and the practices of Muslims. [And where did the Muslims get their sensitivity training on how to be better Americans? To move aside for Christians? To work with the Jewish community? Probably never even came up in these “training” sessions.]

Mohammed would become the second Muslim Superior Court judge in New Jersey [I was born in NJ; sadly, I can tell I’m never going back; it’s gone too much to the dark side, for me] if confirmed. Last year, Hani Mawla was confirmed to the state bench in Somerset County.

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